Standard Packages

  6 Neighbors 8 Neighbors 12 Neighbors
1-20 Questions $179 $299 $449
21-30 Questions $279 $449 $699
31-40 Questions $379 $599 $949
41-50 Questions $479 $749 $1199
51+ Questions Please call us to discuss: (303) 415-2062

Which Neighbors will be Asked?

Neighborhoods come in all shapes and sizes. We will seek to interview the number of neighbors you've requested based on how near they are to the new residence you're considering. Some nearest neighbors surveyed might share backyard connections. Obviously vacant residences will be skipped. Neighbors who tell us they choose not to be interviewed will count against the number requested and will be noted as a separate total on the survey results. Neighbors who do not respond to two in-person attempts to contact them will cause us to expand our range to neighbors farther away when practical. If we are unable to contact the number of neighbors you've requested in a reasonable amount of time, we will contact you to discuss how to proceed.

Which Neighbors?

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Custom Pricing

Don't see what you would like? Perhaps you would like to ask 23 questions of the nearest three neighbors or would like to ask additional neighbors along your street block for the property of interest. We can come up with a custom quote based on the number of questions and neighbors that you are interested in asking.